Hello again

I haven’t posted in a while… this is due to the massive adjustment of returning to work. 

I’m on my fifth week back in the office and I feel like I’m finally getting into my groove with regards to my job and my routine at home with my Little Man.

It’s hard, so very hard to leave him everyday. His smile when I walk through the door in the evening makes it all worth whole though.

Last time I posted, LM was barely crawling. However, he’s now wanting to walk all the time with support. He grabs my fingers and pulls himself to standing, from there, he proceeds to walk where ever he wants to go. It’s at times like these I’m thankful for only being 5 feet tall… my back kills as it is. If I was any taller I’d be in agony!

I’m hoping to post more now that I’m in my groove a little more!

Much love

N x


End of an era 

Today feels like the end of an era. 
It was my last day on my own with LM before I return to work on Monday after 9 months of Maternity Leave. Hubby has taken the rest of the week off as holiday to spend with us.
We went along to Bounce and Rhyme at our local library, as we’ve done most Tuesdays for the last 9 months. As always the ladies who run the session were friendly and lovely. LM loves bouncing around and playing with the other babies.
We went for lunch with a couple of the Mums afterwards. It was so nice and we stayed at the pub for 3 hours. Don’t worry, only 1 alcoholic beverage was consumed!!
I’ve made a group of awesome friends who we see each week at B&R and I’m going to miss seeing them as much. I really don’t know how I’m going to cope with going back to work. 

Wonder-ful weeks

Little Man is now 36 weeks old. Since he was born I’ve read a number of parenting books to discover when he should be hitting particular milestones and why he behaves in a certain way. 
Every book that I’ve read has slightly different guidelines than the last so I quickly learned that there is no strict rule as to when babies hit milestones and that I shouldn’t read so many baby books! 
I’ve stuck by 2 books/series as they seem to be based on studies of actual babies and parents as opposed to just opinions of parenting “experts”.
The first of these is the Wonder Weeks by Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Ploot. I have also got the app (App store on iPhone). 

Their theory is based on studies of babies who’ve displayed the same behaviours at the same time since the due date. These periods are then linked to developmental leaps. The leaps then translate into skills. 
The Wonder Weeks book describes each “leap” in detail. I’ve followed this since LM was 8 weeks old and it’s been pretty spot on to predict when he’ll have a leap in development. He’s cranky, sleeps poorly and is clingy pretty damned much when the book says he would be. 
He’s currently on Leap 6 – the World of Categories. He’s a little “behind” in terms of the skills that he should display after each leap. He’s currently mastering some skills from Leap 4 – The World of Events and Leap 5 – The World of Relationships. All babies will master the skills that they’ve acquired at different rates and different orders. LM tends to master the Body Control skills before the others – this week he’s mastered attempting to crawl. 
The book has helped me understand why LM is grumpy and sleeps poorly at certain times. It also suggests games, activities and other tasks which can help Baby and therefor help you.
There’s also a Milestones Guide – I’ll review this another time. 
If you’re a new parent and have an interest in why and when your baby will develop mental skills, then translate them into physical skills I’d recommend reading this book. It’s available from Amazon and most good book retailers. 
The second series is Gentle Parenting by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. I’ll review this later. 

Bedtime blues

I went out for the evening to the cinema, leaving Daddy in charge of bedtime for the first time ever.
I got home 2 hours after little man should have been asleep to find that he’s refused the formula milk Daddy made and has refused to go to sleep. Daddy I’d rather stressed and has now gone out on the hunt for ice cream.
LM has been pretty much exclusively Breastfed but has taken Formula Milk when offered it at the Grandparents. Perhaps it’s the brand we’ve bought (Cow & Gate) or perhaps it’s that we’re using medium flow tests and should be using Fast Flow now? 
Whatever the problem, we’ll have to experiment until we find a fix. Either way, I now feel like my Little Man does love me!

Day 4 of sickness news direct…

We have had no vomit or diarrhoea today! This feels like a massive victory. I’m feeling much better too.

A not-so-victory is that my Little Man is now refusing to eat solids. I understand that being so poorly wasn’t pleasant for him and he’s probably teething too but, it’s frustrating as we were doing so well. 
I guess I’ll just keep trying at mealtimes to get him to eat. Eventually he’ll want to eat again and like a crazy lady I’ll be waiting with my mushy food and plastic spoons!
I’ve done 3 loads of washing today and still have a basket full to do… I don’t think my machine machine had ever worked so hard!
We also have the grandparents visiting tomorrow so I’d better pull my finger out and get the sick house tidy and disinfected!