Hello again

I haven’t posted in a while… this is due to the massive adjustment of returning to work. 

I’m on my fifth week back in the office and I feel like I’m finally getting into my groove with regards to my job and my routine at home with my Little Man.

It’s hard, so very hard to leave him everyday. His smile when I walk through the door in the evening makes it all worth whole though.

Last time I posted, LM was barely crawling. However, he’s now wanting to walk all the time with support. He grabs my fingers and pulls himself to standing, from there, he proceeds to walk where ever he wants to go. It’s at times like these I’m thankful for only being 5 feet tall… my back kills as it is. If I was any taller I’d be in agony!

I’m hoping to post more now that I’m in my groove a little more!

Much love

N x