Today is a sad day for me. I return to work tomorrow after 9.5 months off on Maternity Leave.

It’s been a lovely weekend full of fun and firsts. 

LM got his first 2 teeth through, had a settling in session at his nursery, went on a train, visited the aquarium and learned that he can shake his head.


Weaning update 1

So, bedtime feed weaning didn’t go sleep well so we gave up on this after a week. LM was poorly with a temperature for a few days so I also delayed implementation of a bottle of formula mid-morning. It all seemed a little like a lost cause.
Once LM started to seem better, on Tuesday, I tried with the bottle of formula at 10:30 each day. To begin with he only took half an ounce but after a few days this increased to an ounce. My guess would be that this is all he took from me when I breastfed him at this time.
Today I tried to give him a formula bottle at 15:00 (4 hours after his morning bottle). He took quarter of an ounce before crying. I breastfed him and he fell asleep. I think this is going to be another curve for us so we’ll just persevere with the mid-afternoon feed.
My big challenge for this week will be to get LM used to being up at 7 as this is the time he’ll need to be up when he starts nursery in 2 weeks time. I am going to go cold turkey on this one and just wake him up at 7. Hopefully this will help his bedtime as well. By the end of the 2 weeks he should be used to it! 

Where have we been?

We haven’t posted in a while? Why? Because we’re exhausted.

LM is currently on his way out of Leap 6. He hasn’t slept well for about 3 weeks now and has been up for an average 5 times a night. Add this to the fact that I get next to no help with night wakings and the icing on the cake has been being ill. 

The wonderful (!) outcome of this is bring constantly tired and stressed. I’ve written and deleted 4 posts about how unhelpful my husband has been but didn’t feel to post them as the person I need to discuss this with is him. I’ve also had no help from my family (they haven’t even asked how we are!)

I hope to start a new routine with LM on Monday to try and reduce the night wakings, give me back some time in the day and prepare him for nursery. I’ll keep the blog updated if I can! 

Just keep swimming…

Today we took our Little Man swimming for the first time. He’s 7.5 months old and we’ve wanted to take him since he was 4 months old but things have just gotten in the way.
We decided to take LM swimming together so that neither my husband or I missed out on this milestone. It also meant that we were able to support each other.
We chose GL1 leisure centre (Aspire trust) as it’s close to home, and recommended on Mumsnet Here. It has a buggy Park to leave your buggy and family changing rooms. There are also 4 pools to choose from. 
We chose a reusable swimming nappy from oBambino Mio and it was just the ticket – we put some swim shorts on top just to be doubly safe.
When we got into the pool we took it in turns to hold LM, dipping him in the water and swooshing him around. We encouraged him to splash but he was more interested in smiling at everyone.
LM enjoyed the experience, but he did shiver a little. He got a little overwhelmed when a toddler splashed him massively, bit, overall he was brilliant.
The pool was meant to be 32 degrees, but it felt cooler than that. We stayed in the pool for around 10 minutes before getting out and getting dried. We took it in turns to get changed. While hubby got changed I changed LM then hubby played with LM while I got changed.
Tips for taking baby swimming for the first time:

1. Be prepared – make sure you know the pool times, when it’s likely to be busy and any additional rules. Our pool doesn’t let you wear shoes in the changing room and will make you wait in the changing area if it’s too busy in the pool.

2. Pack everything you need in an organised way so you can find it! You’ll need all the usual changing bag stuff plus: swimming nappies, a hooded towel, toys, bottles or snacks, a pushchair lock.

3. Have a plan of how to get baby ready while you get ready too – a second adult here is ace!

4. Start off with a 10-15 minute session – we hope to build up from there.

5. Try to go when it isn’t too busy – it’s less likely Baby will be overwhelmed.

Mummy mates

I took Little Man along to Toddler World at GL1 Leisure Centre today. It’s a soft play/toy session for under 5’s and it’s ace.  We go once a week, I sit and chat to the other Mums with my coffee and LM gets to play with a variety of different toys.

Whilst chatting to one of my Mummy Mates we got on to the subject of returning to work. All of our little group are returning to work in the next few months and I’ve come to realise that we won’t see each other as much any more. 

We’ve vowed to keep in touch and meet up when ever work schedules allow but I am beginning to appreciate how lucky I am to have met 7 very different ladies and call them all friends. 

I never thought that having a baby would bag me a new group of varied friends. We have: a GP, a Popular parenting website writer, a dimensia nurse, a retail manager, a HR officer and a lecturer. How else would we have all become friends? I am so thankful for them. They’ve made mummyhood seem bearable.

Day 3 in the sick house

We’re now on Day 3 of this bloody sickness bug. Little Man has had 2 explosive nappies and was sick. That’s 4 outfits today.
As I’m not well either the washing hasn’t been done so Little Man is quickly running out of clothes.
Hubby has been home today – his first sick day in 5 years and all he’s done is annoy me. He’s been answering back to the TV (a pet peeve on a good day) and had just been led around while I look after LM and attempt to clean. He’s been complaining about stomach cramps. I’ve politely explained that he cannot complain about these things until he’s experienced child birth! 

Sickness and health?!

Day 2 of this bloody sickness bug and the little man has only been sick once. He’s had 2 massive poos so 3 outfit changes. A win in comparison to the 8 the day before.
Unfortunately we missed our bounce and Rhyme class due to the bug. LM loves the class and Mummy loves the coffee with chat after.
Just when we were on the evening stretch hubby arrived home from work to declare that he too has yucky bug. He’s been sick all evening.
To make the day super wonderful I now too have said bug. 
LM also appears to be having teething troubles. 
Like bollocks will I be getting any sleep…