Returning to work – wardrobe 

So, I return to work 2 weeks today. This scares the hell out of me! I’m worried about leaving LM, getting all the housework done around my job, working with an idiot that I’m now supposed to share my work with and also about how I’m going to dress. The wardrobe issue is probably the easiest to tackle.

Before I fell pregnant I had a work “uniform” of quirky outfits from Yumi and Desigual. I loved my work clothes! Since having LM I’ve lost 10kg in addition to my pregnancy weight. The result is that none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit!
I’ve had to buy a new work “uniform”. This is the first time that I’ve had to really shop on a budget. I’m lucky that I live near an outlet centre so can get some bargains! As I’m sure you’re well aware: Statutory Maternity Pay is SHIT.
I’ve bought 2 pairs of slim boot cut jeans from M&S:

A denim skirt from Dorothy Perkins 

And a cute Desigual skirt

I’ll pair these with basic T shirts and cardigans. Once I stop breastfeeding completely I’ll start to wear dresses again.
Hopefully these will all work together to help me feel more confident about returning to the office.
I’ll deal with my other worries later!!


Perfect day

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I’d been fearing this day for a while as it marked the end of my 20’s and made me ponder whether I’d achieved everything that I wanted.
When the day arrived I had such a wonderful time that I didn’t stop to worry about getting old (why the fox did I worry anyway?).
I woke up to my beautiful smiley baby and a cup of tea accompanied by presents. I received a Jawbone Up3 fitness tracker, a rucksack, a personalised cup, lots of chocolate, a scratch card, cash, candles and a bracelet. I’m super lucky to have such amazing friends and family.
When we got out of bed my hubby made a full English breakfast- my favourite- it was delicious!!
I was then taken to a lovely little salon for a Hot Stone Massage. Hubby looked after the Little Man.
We then went to So Thai -my favourite- for lunch. It was Devine and the waitresses were fantastic with Little Man.
We stopped by Toys R Us to pick up a Walker for LM, then headed home.
We finished the evening with a Personalised cake from Choccywoccydoodah -my favourite- and some Edinburgh gin -my favourite-.
I’m sure you can see a theme here. My husband planned the perfect day for me doing all of my favourite things. I know I whine about him sometimes but I am really lucky to have him.

Friday funday

I usually write a blog post, or at least a draft of it, whilst doing a night feed. However for the last 4 nights my Little Man hasn’t woken up for a night feed.

I’m super pleased and feeling a little more energised than I have in a long time but I now feel neglectful of my little blog which has become a mental Baby for me. Like a little outlet of my mind palace – yes! I am a Sherlock fan.

This week I haven’t managed to do much in the way of being creative, but, I have spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor with my son. He’s discovered my ears and apparently these are the most fun things to eat. 

I will need to find another time when I have relative peace to blurt the contents of my mind into my phone and therefor out onto the interweb for everyone to read. Yes – I’m aware that it’s called internet, not interweb. When your day job involves training people on how said internet works and DNS protocol you never want to see, hear or write the work internet again. 


Today has been a mixed bag of a day. 
The little man slept through the night, which was great. But, he refused his morning nap. 

We went along to bounce and Rhyme at the local library and LM loved it. He did cry when he bashed heads with another baby though – maybe he will gain some sense.

He finally slept this afternoon for almost 2 hours (completely unheard of). Unfortunately this was around the time that I was due to go out and so this was cancelled. I did manage to get the laundry and other chores done. This is a small victory!

This evening, the hubby had a meeting for the charity even that he’s involved with. This meant that I was on my own for bath and bedtime. I’m fully capable of doing it alone, I just prefer when I get to have a 10 minute shower in the knowledge that hubby will see to the baby  if he cries. He’ll hand the baby to me as soon as my shower is finished as he couldn’t possibly look after him for more than 10 minutes. Again, small victories.

I started bathtime at 7pm and the little shit finally went down after crying etc at about 9. He was awake again at 9:45 and I’m struggling to get him back to sleep at 10:20.

My creative plan for the day, once LM was in bed, was to create a goals page in my Bullet Journal. I got as far as the title. FML.

Going out out

Before I had my baby I went out 3 or 4 times a week for coffee, dinner, cinema etc. It was one of my biggest worries when my Little Man was born that I’d have to give u my social life. 
I’ve been out with my husband 3 times since giving birth while Grandparents have babysat and it’s made our time together more precious. Until today I hadn’t been out without my husband and the baby! This seems crazy to me as the last time I did that it was May! I went for an alcoholic coffee with a good friend. I was only out for 2 hours, but a when I got home it really felt like I’d had a break.
I think back to how concerned I was about giving up my social life and I have no idea why I was so worried. As soon as my son arrived and took over my world I didn’t miss going out at all. I’ve found that the people I care about seeing have made an effort to include LM in our activities, and those that haven’t bothered to keep in touch simply don’t matter.

Christmas – done

Thank god Christmas is over for another year. I really enjoy being festive and shopping for or making gifts for everyone. However, as soon as we’re in the car on the way to the Parents-in-law I feel like I’m counting down the minutes until I can leave again. It’s to the point where I’d rather not have Christmas at all.
We’re fortunate that both sets of parents live within half an hour of each other. This means that we can easily see both families in one visit. Unfortunately, we end up spending the majority of our time with my husbands family and over the last 10 years I’ve come to resent this. Each year we spend around 2 hours with my family and the rest of the day at the in-laws.
I thought that it might be nicer this year as we have our son but it was actually worse. I was constantly being undermined with my parenting skills as well as bossed around and critiqued on everything else. (Why don’t you cook well? Why are you still breast feeding? Etc).
I’ve decided that next year we’re staying home. Fuck them. 


Welcome to my little world. I’m a Corporate Trainer but currently on maternity leave. I spend my days crafting, looking after my home and looking after my 6 month old little boy. I love to write but don’t claim to be a literary genius! All views expressed in my posts are mine alone. No offence, copyright infringement or nastiness is intended!

NB. Xo