Today has been a mixed bag of a day. 
The little man slept through the night, which was great. But, he refused his morning nap. 

We went along to bounce and Rhyme at the local library and LM loved it. He did cry when he bashed heads with another baby though – maybe he will gain some sense.

He finally slept this afternoon for almost 2 hours (completely unheard of). Unfortunately this was around the time that I was due to go out and so this was cancelled. I did manage to get the laundry and other chores done. This is a small victory!

This evening, the hubby had a meeting for the charity even that he’s involved with. This meant that I was on my own for bath and bedtime. I’m fully capable of doing it alone, I just prefer when I get to have a 10 minute shower in the knowledge that hubby will see to the baby  if he cries. He’ll hand the baby to me as soon as my shower is finished as he couldn’t possibly look after him for more than 10 minutes. Again, small victories.

I started bathtime at 7pm and the little shit finally went down after crying etc at about 9. He was awake again at 9:45 and I’m struggling to get him back to sleep at 10:20.

My creative plan for the day, once LM was in bed, was to create a goals page in my Bullet Journal. I got as far as the title. FML.


Return of the craft

Is there such thing as a craft block? Like a writers block but for crafts?
Since I fell pregnant with Little Man I haven’t felt very creative. Before then I was always having crazy ideas of things I wanted to make. I don’t used to have notebooks full of ideas but now I look at them and I just don’t feel the urge to create. 
Perhaps it’s due to my priorities being different? Or the fact that I’m knackered most of the time? Or maybe that I get snippets of around 45 minutes a day to myself and I need to use that time to clean?
I don’t want to loose my crafting skills so I’ll be forcing myself (that’s a harsh phrase) to sew, crochet, knit and papercraft. I’ll be using this blog as a forum. The hope is that once I see my skills for myself, I’ll feel creative again.
Today I dusted off (literally) my sewing machine and took up a pair of jeans for my husband. We always have alterations to complete in my house as we’re both short arses.
Who knows what I’ll craft next?!