Weaning update 1

So, bedtime feed weaning didn’t go sleep well so we gave up on this after a week. LM was poorly with a temperature for a few days so I also delayed implementation of a bottle of formula mid-morning. It all seemed a little like a lost cause.
Once LM started to seem better, on Tuesday, I tried with the bottle of formula at 10:30 each day. To begin with he only took half an ounce but after a few days this increased to an ounce. My guess would be that this is all he took from me when I breastfed him at this time.
Today I tried to give him a formula bottle at 15:00 (4 hours after his morning bottle). He took quarter of an ounce before crying. I breastfed him and he fell asleep. I think this is going to be another curve for us so we’ll just persevere with the mid-afternoon feed.
My big challenge for this week will be to get LM used to being up at 7 as this is the time he’ll need to be up when he starts nursery in 2 weeks time. I am going to go cold turkey on this one and just wake him up at 7. Hopefully this will help his bedtime as well. By the end of the 2 weeks he should be used to it! 


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