Friday funday

I usually write a blog post, or at least a draft of it, whilst doing a night feed. However for the last 4 nights my Little Man hasn’t woken up for a night feed.

I’m super pleased and feeling a little more energised than I have in a long time but I now feel neglectful of my little blog which has become a mental Baby for me. Like a little outlet of my mind palace – yes! I am a Sherlock fan.

This week I haven’t managed to do much in the way of being creative, but, I have spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor with my son. He’s discovered my ears and apparently these are the most fun things to eat. 

I will need to find another time when I have relative peace to blurt the contents of my mind into my phone and therefor out onto the interweb for everyone to read. Yes – I’m aware that it’s called internet, not interweb. When your day job involves training people on how said internet works and DNS protocol you never want to see, hear or write the work internet again. 


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