Mummy mates

I took Little Man along to Toddler World at GL1 Leisure Centre today. It’s a soft play/toy session for under 5’s and it’s ace.  We go once a week, I sit and chat to the other Mums with my coffee and LM gets to play with a variety of different toys.

Whilst chatting to one of my Mummy Mates we got on to the subject of returning to work. All of our little group are returning to work in the next few months and I’ve come to realise that we won’t see each other as much any more. 

We’ve vowed to keep in touch and meet up when ever work schedules allow but I am beginning to appreciate how lucky I am to have met 7 very different ladies and call them all friends. 

I never thought that having a baby would bag me a new group of varied friends. We have: a GP, a Popular parenting website writer, a dimensia nurse, a retail manager, a HR officer and a lecturer. How else would we have all become friends? I am so thankful for them. They’ve made mummyhood seem bearable.


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