Return of the craft

Is there such thing as a craft block? Like a writers block but for crafts?
Since I fell pregnant with Little Man I haven’t felt very creative. Before then I was always having crazy ideas of things I wanted to make. I don’t used to have notebooks full of ideas but now I look at them and I just don’t feel the urge to create. 
Perhaps it’s due to my priorities being different? Or the fact that I’m knackered most of the time? Or maybe that I get snippets of around 45 minutes a day to myself and I need to use that time to clean?
I don’t want to loose my crafting skills so I’ll be forcing myself (that’s a harsh phrase) to sew, crochet, knit and papercraft. I’ll be using this blog as a forum. The hope is that once I see my skills for myself, I’ll feel creative again.
Today I dusted off (literally) my sewing machine and took up a pair of jeans for my husband. We always have alterations to complete in my house as we’re both short arses.
Who knows what I’ll craft next?!


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