Funday Friday

Yesterday was the first day that Hubby was back at work (Thank Crunchie!) but my parents came to visit.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate my parents driving for an hour to come and see Little Man (LM) and I, but, I always feel like I have to host them. After the week I’ve had this would have been exhausting! Luckily a little ray of sunshine also visited – my little sister.
She played with LM and put him to sleep when he was tired without me having to ask. She offered to change his nappy to give me a chance to drink my coffee. This was a very very welcome offer.
We went out for lunch after my parents had left. We had a gossip and a catch up. It was lovely. It was worth getting soaked after walking her back to the station for her train!
LM was brilliant today. He hasn’t had much of an appetite since he’s been sick but I managed to convince him to eat some Cauliflower cheese. I had to shove it in his gob when he was laughing at my face but atleast he ate it. He then enjoying getting carrot over himself. This was hilarious to watch, not so hilarious to clean up though. Thank crunchie for our new coverall bibs.
I spent the evening preparing LMs things for our London trip….


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