Day 4 of sickness news direct…

We have had no vomit or diarrhoea today! This feels like a massive victory. I’m feeling much better too.

A not-so-victory is that my Little Man is now refusing to eat solids. I understand that being so poorly wasn’t pleasant for him and he’s probably teething too but, it’s frustrating as we were doing so well. 
I guess I’ll just keep trying at mealtimes to get him to eat. Eventually he’ll want to eat again and like a crazy lady I’ll be waiting with my mushy food and plastic spoons!
I’ve done 3 loads of washing today and still have a basket full to do… I don’t think my machine machine had ever worked so hard!
We also have the grandparents visiting tomorrow so I’d better pull my finger out and get the sick house tidy and disinfected! 


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