Sick, sick, sick

I think we’ve done pretty well to get to 7 months old without a bout of sickness and diarrhoea.
I went to get my little man up at 9 am this morning and discovered that he’d vomited all over his bed and himself. He’d also at some point played with it and then gone to sleep in it. He hadn’t cried or moaned to alert me about it! This was the first time that this has happened so I rushed to get him cleaned along with his bedding. 
I’ve tried to feed him lots of milk today to help avoid him being dehydrated but he’s projectile vomited this all over me, my sofa and my phone. We’ve had 5 outfit changes and my cute Nouse phone case is now in the bin. 
He’s also had the most disgusting poop today. It contained whole peas. I didn’t even know this was possible, or that it could travel so far up his back!
You think that the little guy would be clingy and cuddly. Nope! He’s playing like a nutter and appears to have as much energy as normal with next to no nutrients.
I fear I’m in for a long night….
People warned me that parenting would be filthy, but no one said it’d be this bad! 

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