2016, fare the well and thank you

I began 2016 as a pregnant 28 year old in my pjs feeling sorry for myself as I didn’t feel up to going out. 

I finish 2016 as a slimmer 29 year old also in my pjs feeling thankful for such a brilliant year. I don’t care that I’m at home this year, sober. 
I have a wonderful 7 month old baby who never ceases to make me smile, especially as I nurse him and he slowly falls asleep. I’m thankful that he’s healthy and super!
We had a couple of scares with jaundice and a virus. I’m thankful to the staff at Gloucester Royal Hospital PAU for taking such good care of him.
I have a husband who is an amazing father and on the whole he’s a good guy. Sure, we fight a lot as he refuses to listen and is a patronising ass. But I’m thankful for him despite this. 
We’ve survived the first 7 months of parenting and I’m still breastfeeding. I didn’t think I’d survive child birth as I was so petrified but I did. I’m thankful to the midwives and my husband for helping me through it.
I’m thankful to my parents for being amazing grandparents to my son and to my little sister and niece for being super aunties. I’m thankful to my young nieces for being so lovely to my son. 
I’ve met some amazing new Mummy friends. I never thought I’d enjoy baby groups etc but I love them. I’m so thankful for my new mates. 
I’ve kept in touch with a handful of my pre-baby friends. I was also worried about this. I’m thankful to these wonderful people. 
I weigh 5 lbs less than before I fell pregnant. (Thank you breastfeeding!) I was really worried that I’d never lose my baby weight and hate myself for it but I don’t.
We’ve had a whole house renovation, it was long and stressful. We got through it and our house is better than ever. I love it. I’m thankful to my husband for helping the organise the project, my parents in law for helping to fund the project temporarily and for letting us live with them for a month. I’m thankful to my Nan-in-law for buying us new furniture and giving our cats a loving home when we weren’t able to home them. I’m thankful for my family who made the effort to keep me busy when I was getting restless and homesick.
I’m even thankful for my company being so supportive of my maternity leave and accommodating of my flexible hours Request. Returning to work will be hard but that’s a challenge for 2017.
I’m thankful for everything that’s happened in 2016. But I welcome 2017 and the new challenges, love and adventure.


Christmas – done

Thank god Christmas is over for another year. I really enjoy being festive and shopping for or making gifts for everyone. However, as soon as we’re in the car on the way to the Parents-in-law I feel like I’m counting down the minutes until I can leave again. It’s to the point where I’d rather not have Christmas at all.
We’re fortunate that both sets of parents live within half an hour of each other. This means that we can easily see both families in one visit. Unfortunately, we end up spending the majority of our time with my husbands family and over the last 10 years I’ve come to resent this. Each year we spend around 2 hours with my family and the rest of the day at the in-laws.
I thought that it might be nicer this year as we have our son but it was actually worse. I was constantly being undermined with my parenting skills as well as bossed around and critiqued on everything else. (Why don’t you cook well? Why are you still breast feeding? Etc).
I’ve decided that next year we’re staying home. Fuck them. 


Welcome to my little world. I’m a Corporate Trainer but currently on maternity leave. I spend my days crafting, looking after my home and looking after my 6 month old little boy. I love to write but don’t claim to be a literary genius! All views expressed in my posts are mine alone. No offence, copyright infringement or nastiness is intended!

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